Kiddush Menus

Blue Kiddush Decorative Vasekiddush menu packages

Choose from one of our Exciting 9 Menu Options

$27.00 per person**
Custom and Add-ons Options available
(75 person minimum)

Back to the Basics Kiddush >>
The Kugel Kiddush >>
New York, New York Deli Delights >>
The 21st Century Kiddush >>
The Blintz >>
The Asian Kiddush >>
The French Connection Kiddush >>
The Middle Eastern Kiddush >>
The Pasta Kiddush >>

**Price Includes:
One Menu Option
Servers and Staff
Basic Drink Package
Buffet Linens
Miss Jeanies Decorative Buffet Presentation

Custom and Add on Options Available >>

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